Ammex academy


It all started when…

Our founder, Mr. Thomas O’Connor, saw a series of flaws in how the tank cleaning industry trained their laborers, so he decided to revolutionize the process. 
We began with the selection of the trainees and the creation of the AMMEX Academy. Our recruitment focuses on 18 to 25-year-old youths living in HUB zones.
We used professionals with expertise to train tank cleaners in two weeks. An extra week was added to train tank flushers, PICs, firewatchers, and a class in CPR. 

The AMMEX Academy student is held to high standards. The training encourages safety compliance, shipyard etiquette, punctuality, problem solving, being a team player, dependability, and a sense of work ethic.

Upon graduation, each trainee will be presented with a certificate of completion before joining a pool of trained and skilled laborers ready to be contracted or hired.

Students are placed into three phases

1. A screening of each candidate and the importance of safety and compliance.

2. An orientation of the Maritime and the Ship Repair Professions. 

3. Hands on activities and learning of the importance of having the ability to communicate with each other in the process.